Dilatation and curettage and endometrial scraping

Dilatation and curettage is a procedure during which a special curette is used to remove the endometrial lining of the uterine cavity. The endometrium usually recovers during the next menstrual cycle.

The main therapeutic indication for dilatation and curettage is uterine bleeding, which might be caused by disruptions in the menstrual cycle and by complications of pregnancy (spontaneous abortion, intrauterine growth restriction and early pregnancy loss).

A subtype of dilatation and curettage is endometrial scraping (scraping of the endometrium for diagnosis specification).

Indications for endometrial scraping are abnormal uterine bleeding, pathology (e.g. polyp) of the endometrium discovered on an ultrasound or a suspected pathology, or an atypical cervical cytology result.

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