Diabetes nurse

Patients of different age suffering from diabetes are expected to the appointment of the diabetes nurse receiving patients at the Medita Clinic Tartu Centre.

At the appointment, the diabetes nurse assesses the patient’s medical condition, explains the nature of diabetes and its possible effect on health, and offers recommendations on healthy diet, exercising, and sleep hygiene. In addition, the nurse helps to acquire necessary practical skills, such as using medical devices related to treatment of diabetes.

Patients are received by the diabetes nurse Panainti Posmatš, who graduated from Tallinn Health Care College in 2011 and has completed several training courses in Estonia and abroad to further his professional skills.

A referral from your family doctor is required for an appointment, which should include a notification “Referral to the nurse specialising in endocrinology (diabetes)“.

The fee for an independent appointment with the diabetes nurse is 45 euros.

Appointments can be booked through the Patient Portal www.terviseportaal.ee, Medita Clinic electronic registration platform www.veebiregistratuur.ee, or by calling 17101.

Medita Clinic holds an agreement with the Eesti Tervisekassa for providing outpatient care service in the specialty of endocrinology in Tartu.